BMW Recalls Some Electric Vehicles Over Risk of Battery Fires


The rise in popularity of electric vehicles led many manufacturers to hurry and produce their own versions of battery-powered cars. Companies like Tesla helped to drive demand for electric vehicles to new heights, and many car buyers pivoted to electric-only buying habits.

However, in the scramble to create the most affordable and competitive batteries for these new electric cars, many manufacturers have run into issues relating to the safety of these power supplies. As a case in point, German auto manufacturer BMW has issued a recall for some of its electric vehicles over the risk of a potential battery fire. The recall covers some i4 and iX vehicles sold in the US.

Here’s what you need to know about the latest BMW recall.

Which Vehicles Are Recalled?

The recall applies only to a small number of 2022 i4 sedans and 2022 iX SUVs. The 83 recalled vehicles were sold in the US, and their owners will be notified by mail starting later this year. The issue reportedly stems from damage within the vehicles’ battery packs as a result of debris becoming lodged in the high-voltage cell. 

The batteries, which were manufactured by Samsung, reportedly have pieces of a cathode seeping into their internal workings. This can increase the risk of a battery fire, even while the vehicle isn’t in operation. BMW warns owners of i4 sedans and iX SUVs to park their vehicles outdoors and away from structures.

What Should You Do?

If you drive either of the recalled vehicles, keep your car far away from structures when parked and keep your eyes peeled for any signs of smoke or fire. When you receive the recall notice, you’ll be prompted to take your vehicle to your local BMW dealership so technicians can implement repairs.

“Fortunately, the recall affects a very small number of vehicles,” Jay Hanson, a spokesperson for BMW, told reporters. “And our Customer Relations team has already proactively reached out to all of the owners of affected vehicles to provide information and assistance.”

Battery Fires Are Too Common

There are numerous active recalls on vehicles as a result of battery fire concerns. New technologies that power electric vehicles haven’t come without their drawbacks, and many manufacturers are still learning how to make these components safe for use on the road. Thankfully, BMW says it isn’t aware of any injuries caused by the iX and i4 battery fires.