Avoiding Dangerous Pest Control Scams

How to tell the difference between a real pest control company and a scammer looking for another victim?

Door to door, a salesman often wearing a fake company uniform with a name badge might offer you a free inspection or tell you your home has a pest problem which he will show you “proof “of with a dead insect or rodent. Real pest control companies do not go door to door to advertise or skulk around looking for dead things.

Unclear Pricing: they tell you they can’t come up with a price until after the treatment is done. Make sure you are clear about what services you are requesting and the exact costs.

Endless Contract: Make sure you read any contract and understand the terms and conditions, if they don’t guarantee the work and offer to come back at no cost if you are having issues before the next scheduled visit then they are going to milk you for visits while doing a poor job.

Green Pest Control: there is no regulation for “green” or “natural” so they don’t have to prove it, natural often doesn’t work and they will charge you more.