Asus Recalls Motherboards After Overheating Melts Some Units


Computer component manufacturer Asus has recalled roughly 10,000 motherboards after some units overheated and melted. The flagship motherboard the company produced and sold before December 2021, the ROG Maximus Z690 Hero, might have been shipped with some capacitors improperly placed.

If you use Asus components in your computer and purchased your motherboard before December 2021, you should read on for more information regarding this recall and what you can do to keep your computer from overheating. This component poses a serious fire hazard in your home, so keep reading to find out how to protect yourself. 

Capacitors Could be Backwards

In January, an Asus user noticed that the company had installed some capacitors backwards on its ROG Maximus Z690 Hero, the flagship motherboard in its 2021 lineup. After this mixup became public, Asus announced that it would work with the US government to enact a replacement program. After all, backwards capacitors can create overheating conditions and lead to fires.

This week, Asus and the US Consumer Product Safety Commission announced the formal recall for the affected ROG Maximus Z690 Hero motherboards. The announcement indicates that around 10,000 motherboards will be covered under this recall, which includes models with serial numbers that start with MA, MB, and MC.

What Should You Do?

The affected motherboards can overheat and catch fire. Asus is aware of at least ten such cases, where overheating motherboards have melted and caused damage to other PC components.

In some conditions, this could lead to a residential fire, and even injury or death. If you’ve got a motherboard with a serial number starting with MA, MB, or MC, you should remove it from your computer immediately and discontinue the use of the affected component.

So, if you own an affected motherboard, contact Asus via their customer service site, which you can find here. The affected components can overheat and catch fire even during the course of normal use. That means it’s vital that you check your PC if you’ve purchased an Asus board in the past year. 

Recalls of PC parts have become more common in recent years as knowledgeable YouTubers and other content creators have helped increase awareness regarding faulty PC components. For instance, this issue was discovered by popular PC gaming YouTuber Buildzoid. Without his tireless investigation, it’s possible that Asus would have never implemented a recall for these faulty capacitors – a situation that could have led to house fires and possibly even deaths.