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Are Kids Beauty Products Safe to Use?

Last year, the FDA warned that multiple makeup products targeted at kids and tweens could be contaminated. In particular, the JoJo Siwa makeup brand sold at Claire’s was found to contain asbestos fibers.

Pressure on retailers to be more careful about the ingredients in their products is mounting. Claire’s store brand makeup was found to contain asbestos fibers and talc, a carcinogen. Tween brand Justice also recalled makeup products after they tested positive for trace contaminants.

Asbestos and talc are both mined from similar deposits in the earth. Talc can get contaminated with asbestos during production. And since it’s legal to manufacture makeup with talc, many companies choose to keep using the cheap, plentiful ingredient instead of costlier alternatives.

If you’re concerned about potentially harmful chemicals in your child’s makeup, the best solution might be to avoid it entirely. Regulations for those products are lax at best in the United States. If kids want to play with makeup, choose products made with mica instead of talc whenever possible.


Daniel Collins

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