42,000 Ceiling Fans Recalled–Blades Can Detach While in Use

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How often do you spare a thought for your ceiling fans? Many homes in the US are equipped with these overhead fixtures, offering both light and a gentle breeze. But ceiling fans are just one bad break away from becoming a major danger to you and your family.

That danger was reinforced by this week’s recall by Kichler Lighting. The company recalled 42,000 of its popular fans due to a fault that could cause the blades to detach.

Recall Details

According to the official recall notice via the Consumer Product Safety Commission, “The irons (arms) that hold the ceiling fan blades can detach during use, causing the blades to fall, posing an injury hazard.” They received 62 customer complaints, but thankfully no injuries were reported. However, there was one report of property damage.

The fans are 52 inches wide and have a “Mediterranean Walnut” finish. They are equipped with five blades and an etched glass dome with LED lights. The hardware is bronze.

If you’re not sure that you purchased one of the faulty fans, you’ll need to check the model number, which is located on top of the motor housing. To access the label, you will need to climb a ladder–and ensure that the fan is safely off before you get up there.

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What You Should Do Next

The first step is to stop using the ceiling fan. You’ll then need to contact Kichler for instructions about how to get a free replacement fan. The company is not currently offering any assistance in removing or replacing the fan in your home.

These fans were sold at Lowe’s home improvement stores nationwide between January 2016 and March 2020. They cost around $250. You do not need your original receipt to receive a replacement fan.

Kichler Lighting toll-free at 866-558-5706 from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. ET Monday through Friday or online at www.kichler.com and click on “Safety Information” at the bottom of the page for more information.

Ceiling Fan Safety Tips

Although serious injury from ceiling fans is rare, it’s a good idea to follow these safety tips:

  • If your fan has been wobbling, double-check the mounting screws to ensure that it is not coming loose.
  • Keep the fan blades and motor housing clean and free of dust and pet hair.
  • Wipe down the fan blades twice a year with hot, soapy water and vacuum out the motor housing.
  • Fill the oil unit every two months to ensure that the motor does not wear out.