2020 Lawn and Garden Recalls You May Have Missed

John Deere attachment kits for compact utility tractor brooms. The kits are missing the Operators Manual which details proper attachment and use of the product, posing an injury hazard. Consumers should stop using their John Deere 60-inch Broom and contact an authorized dealer for a free manual.

Sterno Home Path Light Kit with LED power supplies due to a shock hazard. The lights have a defective power supply that has a plug blade that can remain in the AC outlet, posing a risk of electrical shock to the user. Immediately stop use and contact Sterno Home for a replacement.

MTD Southwest recalls trimmers and pole saws due to laceration hazard. The heads of the pole saws and trimmers can continue to rotate when the throttle is released. Consumers should discontinue and contact MTD Southwest for replacement.

Hawthorn Hydroponics recalls Grower’s Edge vaporizers due to burn, shock, and fire hazards. The vaporizers can overheat, and the vaporized materials can pose a burn risk if spilled or cause a fire if they fall onto a combustible surface. Stop using and return to the place of purchase for a refund in the form of store credit.