2020 Ford Explorer, Lincoln Aviators Recalled Over Missing Part


New Ford Explorers and Lincoln Aviators could be at risk of rolling away due to a crucial missing part.

Ford Motor Co. published a statement and issued a safety alert for these vehicles on Wednesday. They noted that without the missing part, the electronic parking brake could become disengaged, “increasing the risk of a crash.”

What’s missing is the manual park release cover, which several sources say is a crucial safety element.

Rollaway Potential

“Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards require the manual park release cover be in place and only removable with a tool,” Ford explained in their press release.

Without the cover in place, “the manual park lever may be inadvertently activated,” they said. That could lead to electronic parking brake not being engaged and “could result in unintended vehicle movement.”

According to a spokesperson, the recall is for “safety compliance.” It was also noted that most of the affected SUVs are currently in dealer inventories and will be fixed before they are sold.

Additional Issues

In addition to the parking brake release cover issue, some recall-affected vehicles may have another thing wrong with them.

Some of these vehicles may have instrument clusters that have been left in factory mode.

While that doesn’t sound like much cause for concern, it is. While in factory mode, warning alerts are disabled, and gear positions are not displayed. According to the alert, the instrument panel will not display what gear you’re in – i.e. drive, reverse, neutral, or park – while in this mode.

Affected Vehicles

In the U.S., 13,896 vehicles are affected by the recall; in Canada, another 239. All of the vehicles included in the recall were built at the company’s assembly plant in Chicago.

They include 2020 Ford Explorers built between March 27 and July 24, 2019, as well as 2020 Lincoln Aviators built from April 10 to July 24, also of this year. The recall reference number is 19C06.

Both models were touted as flagship products, made in the USA. The Ford Explorer is also the all-time best-selling SUV in the United States.

Other Recalls

Industry insiders are surprised to see such quality control issues in such brand-new vehicles – especially higher-end ones. Not to mention these are high-profile vehicles for the company as well.

However, Ford is no stranger to safety woes.

On June 12, there was also a recall issued for around 1.2 million Ford Explorers in the U.S. and another 28,000 in Canada. Affected vehicles were built between 2011 and 2017, also at the Chicago plant and the reference number is 19S17.