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McLaren 720S

$1 Million Supercar Recalled Over Fire Risk

Imagine you spent a million dollars on a supercar. Then imagine that the luxury vehicle was recalled because it might catch on fire.

That’s what almost 2800 owners of McLaren supercars are dealing with this week.

What Happened?

British automaker McLaren specializes in luxury supercars such as the 720S and the Senna. These outrageously expensive, high-powered vehicles burn up the track–but now there’s a real risk they might burn up in your garage, too.

That’s because a foam pad located underneath the fuel tank could turn into a sponge that absorbs water. Eventually, the excess moisture could corrode the fuel tank. And even if you’re not a car expert, you can guess that a leaking fuel tank is bad news for any vehicle.

The National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration helpfully points out that “[a] fuel leak in the presence of an ignition source increases the risk of a fire.”

Recall Details

The McLaren makes and models affected by this recall are as follows:

  • 570 GT, model years 2017-2019
  • 720S, model years 2016-2020
  • GT, model year 2020
  • Senna, model year 2019

The vast majority of the 2,763 recalled vehicles are the 720S models. These luxury sports cars start at $299,000!

McLaren plans to replace the foam pad in all of the recalled vehicles, although they claim that only two cars are known to be affected by this issue. The automaker will also replace the fuel tank free of charge if it is corroded.

No word yet on when owners will be able to get their supercars serviced. Many recalls are rolling out more slowly than usual because of the global pandemic. If you happen to own one of these vehicles, you can contact Client Services department at 855-202-8815, Monday to Friday between 9am and 6pm EST or

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Luxury Car Recalls

Y0u might assume that the higher the price tag, the less likely your car is to be recalled. After all, if you’re paying that much for a car, it should be perfectly engineered and painstakingly crafted, right?

As you saw with the McLaren recall or the Lamborghini Aventador earlier this year, even the most luxurious cars aren’t immune to recalls.

You might be surprised to learn that the Mercedes-Benz C-Class is by far the most recalled car in the United States. It averages 5.77 vehicles recalled for every 100,000 produced. In comparison, the Chevy Tahoe has just 1.52 vehicles for 100,000 pulled from the market.


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