Sippy Cups Recalled Over Lead Poisoning Risk

Parker Quinn

Parents of young children will go out of their way to make sure their youngsters are safe. Whether that means doing the research before buying products for their children or removing harmful products from the house, parents are quick to ensure their kids won’t be exposed to harmful substances.  As …

Tesla Recalls More Vehicles in Nineteenth Recall of the Year

Parker Quinn

American automaker Tesla, known for its electric vehicles, issued its nineteenth recall of 2022 over the weekend. Issues ranging from steering and suspension to various software glitches have resulted in the company running afoul of NHTSA regulations numerous times this year alone.  The latest recall is related to the tail …

Another Day, Another Tesla Recall

Parker Quinn

If you follow vehicle recalls and you like old sci-fi movies, you might have noticed some similarities between Tesla and a 1990 Arnold Schwarzenegger film. Both are aptly referred to as “Total Recall.” This time, Tesla has recalled over 40,000 vehicles due to issues that could cause a loss of …

Nestle Recalls Cookie Dough Over Possible Plastic Contamination

Parker Quinn

There’s nothing quite like biting down on a delicious gob of raw cookie dough. Maybe it’s all the sugar and fat, or maybe it’s the lingering perception that you’re not “supposed” to eat the cookie dough before putting it into the oven.  But, if you’ve recently purchased and of Nestle’s …

Costco Recalls Chicken Patties Over Plastic Concerns

Parker Quinn

There’s been a lot of research lately into the prevalence of microplastics in consumer goods ranging from foods to beverages and even some prescription medications. The presence of microplastics in peoples’ bloodstreams is troubling enough, but now Costco is recalling some chicken patties over another plastic-related issue. These are hardly …



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